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Handcream – Avon Rich Moisture Glycerine

I think this packaging is the Christmas version because its in the latest book under plainer cover.
It smells nice, absorbs quickly and feels nice but doesn’t do much to keep my hands moisturised. After using it for several weeks I still have rough dry patches on my hands.

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Born Lippy – Body Shop lip balm

I bought these in several flavours/colours because someone I worked with a couple of years ago uses them and they looked really nice on her. They do give a nice shine to your lips with a hint of colour which is perfect for summery days and days when you don't want full on lippy or sticky gloss.  

As a lip balm I don't think they do anything much at all for the condition of my lips. 

I wouldn't buy Watermelon again, theres hardly any colour in it and it tastes very fake.

Satsuma Shimmer is lovely, it smells of satsumas and is a lovely pale orange shimmer effect.

Passion Fruit is the best for its nice purple colour and fruity smell, closely followed by Rasberry and Strawberry which both give a nice reddish tint to your lips without being jammy looking. 

make-up reviews

Make-up Reviews – Avon Color Trend Kajal Stick eyeliner

This bargain priced eyeliner from Avon sells for just £3 on their website.  Its nice and soft so doesn't drag your eyelids and is a really good deep black. The only downside with it is it does smudge so you have to keep a really close eye on it. If you are not able to check your make up every hour or so you can't trust it to behave.  I wouldn't buy it again because of that. 

make-up reviews

Me Me Me – Fat Cat waterproof mascara

This is a lovely mascara, there’s no denying that but its about as waterproof as a teabag.


It is a lovely deep black, the coverage and lash separation are impressive and it lasts all day without smudging or flaking which meant it worked well with contact lenses. 


You can wear it to the gym, it survived a tough two hour session but when water touched my face it made no attempt at all to stay put and ran into my eyes and down my cheeks with no shame.


I might be tempted to buy it again as a straight daytime mascara though.


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