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Tesco Own Brand Maximum Hold Hairspray

To keep it short and sweet this hairspray is simply the best I’ve found.  At only 74p a can, and its a pretty big can, you wouldn’t expect much from it but if you’re a vintage loving girl this is the stuff for you. I have fine mid-length hair and this will hold a beehive constructed out of nothing much all day long, even if its a damp windy day. Great for taming fly-aways too.



Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish


I had been dying to try this, because so many people rave on about it, so when a friend gave me a trial size along with a mini muslin cloth I was delighted. 

On the whole I agree with the rave reviews.  The smell of eucalyptus and rosemary is gorgeous and the texture is rich and creamy without being heavy. 

It took all my make-up off without any fuss including waterproof Mally mascara and and it didn’t make my eyes sting.  It left my skin looking really good too.

After a while I found it didn’t work quite as well but I believe that was partly down to the muslin cloth getting a bit tired but also that my skin improved over the time that I used it so you don’t notice a transformation every morning and evening once that happens.

I’d definitely buy it again,  I’d like to see how it works with my Tresonic face brush.



Elemis Pro-Radiance hand cream


This came as part of a set of bonus items when I bought some Elemis cleanser and toner.

I had tried a little bit from a friend’s tube and liked it so I was pleased to get this as a freebie, but go be honest I’ve been disappointed with it. It smells ok but I don’t think it does very much at all. In fact my hands have been noticeably dry looking while ive been relying on this.

Back to good old Asper & Jones for me.  I’ll give it 2/10 because the smell and texture are ok and its absorbed quickly.

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Clinique High Impact lipstick – No. 17 Rosette

downloadThis lipstick came as part of a Bonus Time set so I can’t tell you how much it would cost but I’d imagine it would be around £20.

Just so we’re clear from the start, for me its not worth the effort of looking up the price because I everwon’t be buying it.  I’m not a fan of Clinique lip colours, I’ve also been disappointed with a lip gloss in the past and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried the lipstick before and not got on with it.

The colour is not one I would have chosen  – its too dark and brownish for my colouring so its ageing on me but its the texture I really don’t like. It has an odd grainy feel as if your lips are in dire need of exfoliating.  I find myself pressing my lips together all the time when I wear it trying to smooth out the texture so the colour doesn’t last very on me either.

The packaging is hideous too. I’ll give this 0/10. Seems harsh but I really don’t like anything about it, this lipstick will be in the bin before this post has finished uploading.



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L’Oreal Collagen Replumper – day and night creams


I bought these when they were on some sort of mega deal special offer at Sainsbury’s in the summer. I love them, but of course now I’ve decided I love them I’ve never seen them since. Has L’Oreal stopped making them? 

Honestly they do what they promise, your fine lines will look diminished and your skin will look plumper in a youthful way not a bloated greasy way. The texture and smell of them is absolutely lovely, especially the night cream which has a gorgeously thick texture but sinks into your skin without leaving a residue on your skin (or your pillow).  

The glass pots are a generous size and are really attractive, especially the night cream which is a lovely Moroccan blue shade, the daycream is more of a lavander colour, they certainly not a pot you’d need to hide away in the bathroom cabinet.

If I see these two little beauties again I’m definitely going to buy them. Nothing else I’ve used   in the last year has come close, apart from maybe the Superdrug Teatree moisturiser which was a surprise superstar when I tried it. 

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L’Oréal Eye Makeup Remover

I tried the sensitive version of this remover earlier this year, which was good but lacked a bit of oomph.  This version is better, it coped well with Mally mascara so I would recommend it and would buy it again but it lacks something, I think I want one that has a conditioning/moisturising element.

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Avon Magix primer

So far this is the best primer I have found. It makes a visible difference to your skin, it really does smooth the surface, reduce the appearance of pores significantly and helps even out skin tone making this primer the only one that does what it claims to do.


Avon make a foundation/primer combo version that I don’t rate at all but in my opinion this original formulation cannot be beaten.


It does have quite a strong smell but I like that. The consistency is also much thicker than other primers, its almost pasty but maybe that’s why it works.


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Mally Liquid Lipcolour

This lip-gloss is only sold in the UK on QVC, the tv shopping channel. Mally co-presents the shows and is a bit of a whirlwind. I love her, she's full of tips and is really funny. I'd recommend watching her if you get the chance even if you don't want to buy anything.

I got this as part of a five piece set so I'm not sure how much it is to buy singly, I'm guessing about 10 pounds. I have had it a while and used it quite a lot so there isn't a lot left in the pictures below. The colour is fantastic, especially if you have very pale skin because its a bluey pink it doesn't clash with any redness. The gloss does have sparkly stuff in but its not too much, you won't look like you're wearing a teen brand. The coverage is great, the consistency is more like a paste than a liquid, you twist the barrel to feed the colour into the brush so there's no mess or wastage. The clicks are really loud so not so subtle for on the run touch ups.

I might not buy this again because it has poor staying power, I find I'm reapplying all day but I love the colour so it's a tough choice.

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Max Factor Ageless Elixir

When I tried this on the back of my hand before buying I was impressed with the coverage, colour and staying power. I walked about with it on my hand for hours and it stayed put til I washed it off.


So how comes when I bought the full size version it wasn’t the same? I suspect the manufacturers make the samples and testers much better quality. 


The coverage wasn’t so good and it clogged my pores and sat in my lines making them both look worse. The colour was still good but the staying power wasn’t there either.


Another disappointment I’m afraid.

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Arbonne primer

I bought this from the bosses wife who is some sort of Arbonne agent. She raved about it and their products generally so I gave it a go. Its supposed to be a vitamin rich primer that diminishes the appearance of pores.

My previous primer was the Avon Magix which is really very good and I’m sorry to say this one, despite being twice the price comes no-where near. It doesn’t seem to do anything at all to improve the look of your skin without makeup, doesn’t make foundation or eyeshadow last any longer and doesn’t even have a particularly nice smell.