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Clinique High Impact lipstick – No. 17 Rosette

downloadThis lipstick came as part of a Bonus Time set so I can’t tell you how much it would cost but I’d imagine it would be around £20.

Just so we’re clear from the start, for me its not worth the effort of looking up the price because I everwon’t be buying it.  I’m not a fan of Clinique lip colours, I’ve also been disappointed with a lip gloss in the past and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried the lipstick before and not got on with it.

The colour is not one I would have chosen  – its too dark and brownish for my colouring so its ageing on me but its the texture I really don’t like. It has an odd grainy feel as if your lips are in dire need of exfoliating.  I find myself pressing my lips together all the time when I wear it trying to smooth out the texture so the colour doesn’t last very on me either.

The packaging is hideous too. I’ll give this 0/10. Seems harsh but I really don’t like anything about it, this lipstick will be in the bin before this post has finished uploading.



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Clinique Even Better Foundation


After all the heavy advertising on this product I can’t say I was all that keen to try it for myself. There is something about that liver-spotted egg being glooped over with runny beige that I find off-putting.

So, a friend of mine bought a pot and didn’t get on with it, she thought the coverage was a bit disappointing so she passed it to me.  Yeah yeah I know some people might turn up their nose at the idea of using someone else’s makeup but my friends are all clean and tidy, the only thing I’m going to catch from them is a bit more style.

So, I gave it a good go, it’s a nice foundation and I found the coverage to be pretty good but it wasn’t all that.  Actually I find the Clinique tinted moisturiser nicer.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between using this and Rimmel. It lasts well enough if you use a powder over the top, otherwise it will get a bit shiney. Whiile the coverage is OK its not going to cover up dark patches, the advertising makes it look like you’d get an airbrushed finish that would do away with the need for concealer and that certainly wasn’t the case for me.

It won’t be tempting me away from my Bare Minerals. I’m going to give this a 5/10


Ultrasun Ultralip SPF 15 (Medium)

I’ve never really been a fan of lip balms, they never do what they promise and just make your Imagelips feel a bit slimey.   The last ones I bought (and binned) were those awful Body Shop little pots that are supposed to be fruity flavours and colours. Synthetic messy vileness in a pot.

Cue my minor addiction to the tv shopping channel QVC.  ( with a holiday on the horizon.  What I was really after was some sun lotion and some tan accelerating body lotion. I didn’t buy either of those, the presentation and reviews for these lip balms were so good I couldn’t resist.  

As I get older I’ve noticed my lips dry out in the cold weather much more easily, I even get a dry cracked flaking lip line which is far from attractive in itself but to make matters worse I find myself gnawing at it which makes me look quite a lot like a an orang-utan practising gurning. Time to get some decent lip balm. 

So, you get three in a pack from QVC for £11, I’ve kept two and given one to a friend who never lets me down with beauty recommendations (its because of her I’m a slave to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream). I took one on holiday to Greece and my lips did not dry out at all despite spending every single day for 14 days swimming in the sea, a chlorinated pool and sunbathing. Marvellous. 

Now that the weather has turned colder it still hasn’t let me down, I put a bit on in the morning as a combination of treatment and lipstick primer, again after lunch, and a little bit more on the way home. I’m still on the first tube. This stuff lasts amazingly well. I’ve been using this same tube for about five months now and I have half an inch left. 

The balm’s texture is smooth, not greasy or slimey, there’s no flavour or scent (personally I would like a bit of vanilla) and it lasts well, even after drinking umpteen cups of coffee.  If like me you find lipstick can be a bit drying this makes a great lip base.

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Nivea Double EffectI bought this eye-makeup remover thinking it would be just like the Boots Botanicals Icelandic Moss, which is fantastic stuff. I have a friend who swears by that stuff and she’s never let me down on a recommendation yet.

This stuff is half wrong, the oily blue half is great, it does a lovely job of taking off all makeup and makes a decent enough job of getting off waterproof mascara, its only when you shake it up to mix in the clear stuff that it all goes wrong. The clear stuff has some magical property that renders the blue stuff completely ineffective, but once you’ve used up the clear stuff you’ve got a perfectly good oil based eye make up remover.  Luckily the clear stuff seems to mix in unevenly so you’ll get through it pretty quickly if you do decide to buy a pot of your own.

If you do like an oily make up remover, and I do, then go for the Boots Botanical Icelandic Whatever It Is.  In an emergency or if you like a cheap natural option just use olive oil, ok you’ll smell like salad dressing but its fantastic for taking off eye make-up, doesn’t irritate and its nice to your skin. Of course you’ll want to steer well clear of anything oil based if you have gel nails or lash extensions because it’ll lift those off too.

I’d give this remover 3/10.


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L’Oreal Collagen Replumper – day and night creams


I bought these when they were on some sort of mega deal special offer at Sainsbury’s in the summer. I love them, but of course now I’ve decided I love them I’ve never seen them since. Has L’Oreal stopped making them? 

Honestly they do what they promise, your fine lines will look diminished and your skin will look plumper in a youthful way not a bloated greasy way. The texture and smell of them is absolutely lovely, especially the night cream which has a gorgeously thick texture but sinks into your skin without leaving a residue on your skin (or your pillow).  

The glass pots are a generous size and are really attractive, especially the night cream which is a lovely Moroccan blue shade, the daycream is more of a lavander colour, they certainly not a pot you’d need to hide away in the bathroom cabinet.

If I see these two little beauties again I’m definitely going to buy them. Nothing else I’ve used   in the last year has come close, apart from maybe the Superdrug Teatree moisturiser which was a surprise superstar when I tried it.