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1940s style snood – Customer photos

Whenever I sell a snood in my Etsy shop I send out a message to the buyer where I ask them to send me a pic or two of them wearing it to include in my blog.  Well, Claire kindly responded with quite a few really good ones and I’m sorry to say its taken me months and months to get around to blogging them because I am utterly rubbish at updating my blog.

Its a double faux pas because she looks so good in them!

This is Claire with her beautiful hair, that I envy so much, before adorning her snood.


Now here she is wearing a medium cotton snood, I think this before and after really helps if you want to gauge the fit.


We’re not leaving it there though, because she does something I’ve frankly not seen enough of.  The snood/hat combination is such a winner and she does it very well indeed.

Here is a gorgeous pillbox with a cream acrylic snood. The acrylic snoods are quite a bit thicker than the cotton ones but they still only weigh about 30g so they shouldn’t drag off the back of your head. I like the way the hat brings out her blue eyes. Is the hat navy or black?  Note to self – buy more navy.


Next up a black veiled pillbox with the grey cotton snood.


Then this absolutely dreamy brown velvet hairpiece with a brown acrylic snood, the yarn thicknesses vary a bit from colour to colour but if you’re au fait with yarn weights the acrylics are all in the 4ply range.


These hats are all original vintage pieces of Claire’s collection.  I love this one so much I have to put in three more pics…



Then last up we have this little furry feller worn again with that versatile brown snood.  Image

Look at the fantastic ribbon detail at the back!




Customer photo

Most of my snoods are elasticated around the outer edge but every now and then I make one in the most traditional way – ie with a ribbon threaded around the outside edge that you tie up in a bow on the top of your head. 

This type are all one-offs because I have quite a lot of 1980s ribbon already cut in half metre lengths that I've had stored for years and there is not often more than one of each type. The thicker ribbons I use for collars for my Gin Poodles.

So a while ago I made a light-mid grey snood with a thin emerald green ribbon and listed it in my Etsy and Folksy shops. There it sat quite lonely until 'Puffincat' came along and bought it. Now, don't repeat this too loudly but Americans are my favourite customers. They send you such nice messages and leave amazing feedback.  Also there is just something quite exciting about thinking about my little snoods travelling all the way to America, I'd say most of mine end up there, and it does give me a bit of a thrill to imagine them being worn so far away and… perhaps this is just making me sound a bit gushy and odd.  What is extra special about this sale is that Puffincat sent me a picture of herself wearing the snood and gave me permission to publish it on my blog. So here she is in all her snoody glory. She looks great in it doesn't she? I love that green top she's wearing too, it looks really soft and drapes very nicely.

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Another happy customer

 Here is another happy customer from my Etsy shop.  

Meet Anne Marie, one of my favourite ever customers who bought from me in November last year. She recently got in touch again asking about a gold snood but so far I’ve had no luck tracking down metallic gold 4 ply… if anyone knows where I can get some (I need at least 35g) please do let me know.


A happy customer!

Recently I’ve been asking my customers to send me a picture of themselves wearing whatever they’ve bought from me and now I’ve received my first picture.

Lets see your appreciation for Inês from Portugal in her new red sparkly beret, please note she’s written ‘thank you’ in a gorgeous script on her arm. Inês is very cool.