New Order

I have a new customer who is supplying costumes for a vintage style tea shop in Northern Ireland, well turns out they are going to be wearing my snoods as part of their uniform!

Isn’t that brilliant? Hopefully the costume designer will send me copies of the promotional photos they’re having taken once the outfits are complete, I’ll post them here if she does remember.

With a bit of luck people will ask the staff where they got them and they’ll come to me, a good 1940s style snood is not the easiest thing to come by and if I say so myself mine are pretty good.

I’ve had today off work so I’ve completed half the order already, though I’ve promised to send them on Monday I’ll get them off sooner if I can. I wish I could take every Wednesday off work, its great having a day off in the middle of the week, it breaks it up so nicely you feel like you’ve had two weekends. Still back to work tomorrow. I’d have to sell about 15 snoods a week to be able to drop a day a week which is not likely to happen in reality. I know it doesn’t sound like very many to sell at all but it IS a very niche market!