The Synonym Scarf

I did it! I actually finished a project. I’m so happy with it and here we are –

I’ve talked about this in a previous post but in case you missed that or didn’t take it in properly (rude) then this was a kit bought from Knit With Attitude so as much as I’d like to, I can’t take any credit for the colours, yarn texture or pattern. The pattern was designed by George Cullen and it is in the Knit with Attitude ten year anniversary book, you can buy the book and the kits here if you want. You should want. It was lovely to knit and the yarn is gorgeous.

I’ve had loads of compliments on the socials for it while I was still knitting it and now that its finished loads more. Personally I think its one of the nicest things I’ve made so I quite fancy casting on another one. I’m currently keeping half an eye open for a laceweight yarn to combine with some yarn in my stash. Damn the stupid Covid or I’d have it already. Mind you Handmade Studios is not very far away I may have that laceweight in hand at the weekend.

Now, my knitting is not perfect, not by a long chalk so let me be a lesson to you. Do not knit when you are a bit tiddly or very tired and definitely not both things together. There is one extra wide yellow stripe where I was a bit tiddly and messed up the stitch count, so I had to bung in some extra stripes so that meant I finished a stripe section on the wrong colour and got the extra thick yellow stripe. I quite liked it though it stayed in. The bit I’m not proud of was starting the very simple lace section very late at night and a glass and a half of chardonnay in. I knew I’d loused it up but I couldn’t be bothered tinking it so I just carried on the next day regardless. So my first lace section looks like its been gnawed by the cat. I should have ripped that back but really its not that horrendous and no-one is checking it for perfection apart from me, are they?

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