Hardware Jumper

This week I’ve made a bit of progress with my Hardware Jumper, which is a pattern (and yarn) from Erika Knight. I have little to no discipline when making things for myself. If I’m making something for my Etsy shop I’m focussed and deadline driven, but when its for me… It can wait. For years.

This has been the sad life of this jumper, which I love and really want to wear but has been on the needles for a very long time but I’ve nearly finished the back so that means I’m about a quarter in doesn’t it and that feels pretty good.

I bought the yarn on one of the Great London Yarn Crawls, if you’ve never heard of that, it was a yearly event organised by the Yarn in the City team where you paid a very small fee to join one of several groups who visited several yarn shops on pre-planned routes through London and sometimes beyond, ending with a shindig in the evening. If you think that sounds fun, it was. I’m not sure when or if it will happen again, because a) The ‘Rona and b) one half of Yarn in the City emigrated which would make organising an event in London a bit of a hurdle. So this jumper lives in one of my Great London Yarn Crawl bags, though I think this bag might be from a later year. They always did a really nice goody bag on the day too.

I’ve gone a bit off track there but I bought the yarn from Stag & Bow in Forest Hill, it was a complete impulse buy mainly because Erika Knight herself was in the shop doing a sort of trunk show with on the spot advice and I loved this jumper. It’s designed to be knitted using her cotton yarn but I’m not a massive fan of cotton so I plumped for her British Blue (Blue faced Leicester) in the Regents Park shade which is a green toned teal, its a much stronger colour that it looks in my photos.

It was a great day and brilliant to get advice on the yarn substitution from Erika Knight herself, she was very generous with her time and even gave me her studio’s mobile number in case I ran into any problems. I haven’t. The pattern is so clear I really think it would take some effort to stuff it up. So I put that effort in and used the ladder placings from a different size to the jumper I’m actually knitting but it doesn’t make a wild difference.

I cannot tell you how much fun it is doing the ladders, at the time Erika said I’d want to put them in everything and she’s right, I do. Granted the yarn I’m knitting them with is a bit more toothy than what was intended so I do find I have to encourage the stitches to drop all the way down but that’s fun too. I know its going to be fine but there is still that moment when you drop the stitch that you imagine it just dropping away right to the end and unravelling the lot. Totally doesn’t happen. Its the fun sort of fear you get from reading a thriller.

Ideally I’d like to be wearing this when the weather turns colder, it is just beginning to get a bit nippy but it’s not cold, cold so I’m not being exclusive with this jumper yet. That day will surely come quite soon, I’ve started daydreaming about what I can wear under it that will show through the ladders for maximum effect. I’ve set my heart on a gold metallic t-shirt that so far only exists in my imagination.

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