Today I’m Making – Bob Socks

You’re impressed with my progress, I can tell.

I had to check my projects page on Ravelry to remind myself how long ago I cast on these socks. 29 September 2018. 2018! That’s pretty bad isn’t it, and to have only got this far. I’m a little bit ashamed of myself. So I suppose these socks should be what I concentrate on making this week. I mean, they should be but knowing me I’ll be distracted by all the other things I have on the needles but my intentions at this part of this day are good.

If you’re not familiar with the pattern, these are the Bob socks by Louise Tilbrook designs, Bob is really BOB – it stands for Build on the Basics and they’re aimed at beginner knitters really. I just like a nice simple sock. They’re mainly vanilla but they have two options of simple side detail that I think looks quite vintage menswear. The pattern is very clear and is laid out simply so that you aren’t constantly flicking back and forth. I’d say that if you’ve never knitted a pair of socks in your life this would be safe place to start if you don’t want to do a plain vanilla sock.

Twisted rib panel

I have a ton of sock yarn but most of it is highly coloured, variegated and/or speckled which is lovely but sometimes I don’t want my socks in the foreground of my outfit and I really fancied a pair of dark grey socks to wear with black trousers and DMs. I’m imagining myself a vision of monochrome cool in a slightly beatnik style. Its nice to have an imagination to prop yourself up with.

The yarn I’m using is Opal Style, I’m not sure that you can still get this yarn seeing as I bought mine some time prior to September 2018 but good luck hunting. I bought mine from InterKnitCafe who vends at a local monthly artisan market. Hopefully that sort of thing will be back up and running again soon but in the meantime she has a good selection of Opal and other sock yarns in her Etsy shop. The owner is a really nice, chatty and approachable person to so if you are close to either Fleet in Hampshire or Farnham in Surrey those are the two places where I know you can find her in person for a nice squish. Of the yarn. Obviously.

Lyn Roberts Designs solid silver dpns

But here comes the really special bit. I’m knitting them on my solid silver dpns. Yes you read that right. They’re the ultimate in knitting luxury. I bought them from Lyn Roberts Designs, I’m a big fan of her work and although obviously hand made silver dpns cost a fair bit more than commercial needles they’re nowhere near as expensive as you might imagine. I love mine, they feel lovely in your hand and they’re really pretty. They are weightier than you might be used to but I like that. I don’t really like lightweight wooden needles, they feel too flimsy in my hands so if you’re are committed Symphonies knitter these might not work out for you but I really recommend looking up Lyn at a yarn fairs in the future, I think once you have her knitting tools in your hand you’ll be so enchanted you’ll want to own them yourself.

I keep them protected by this very ugly but massively practical dpn holder that I bought at the Westcliffe Knitting Hotel in Blackpool. There’s no maker’s label on it but they do stock these regularly and I have bought a few in much prettier fabrics, I got this one just because I needed one at the time and I think it was the last one in stock. If you ask maybe Paula (the owner) will be able to put you in touch with the maker.

Look! There’s a cat in a sheep onesie.

These socks live in this adorable pyramid sock bag that I bought from I Knit London (sadly a victim of souless commercial regeneration in Lower Marsh, London). I really like pyramid bags for socks, you can actually get quite a bit in there and the print is perfect. They’re cats in onesies. Its just the cutest thing every and those are totally my colours. I don’t think Gerard made these himself, I wish I knew who did. I nearly said purrfect but that would be cringy cheap. I’m so glad I resisted the temptation.

Is the one in the stripes having a poo?

I doubt whether making pyramid bags can be that difficult, can it? I might have a look on YouTube and waste another 18 months not knitting my socks.

Hallmarked and everything.

2 thoughts on “Today I’m Making – Bob Socks

  1. Oh my! What a dangerous post… those solid silver knitting needles are divine. Want, want, want a crochet hook (though it seems too likely that this would be the crochet hook that I would ALWAYS lose for months on end, and then eventually find down the back of the sofa, or in the cat’s bed despite having checked there a million and one times)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love mine, it lives in it’s original box on the table next to my chair and I use it every day. I am a bit of a nightmare with looking after things I’ve bought (there’s a pair of very beautiful and expensive rosewood knitting needles in here somewhere) but somehow I always look after these needles and my hook. Maybe because they’re ridiculously beautiful and make me feel like I’m a super member of a tudor court.


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