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Today I’m making… fisherman’s rib scarf

I’m up to date with Etsy orders for snoods and I finished my Hermione’s Everyday Socks lady night so I can crack on with finishing one of my (literally) dozens of WIPS.

Course I’m not going to do that am I? Not when I have vast amounts of yarn just waiting to be cast on and a head full of ideas.

So I’ve cast on a fisherman’s rib scarf. Really simple, 4mm needles, 63 stitches and 100g of mystery light grey yarn from my enormous stash. I think this is acrylic 4 ply but the band is long gone so I can’t be sure.

Fisherman’s rib is just the most gorgeously squishy and soft stitch, perfect for a snuggly scarf.

I might knit 50g of this and see how long a scarf that gives me, if it looks like that’s not going to give me a really luxuriously long scarf I’ll add in a contrast but if it’s looking good I’ll carry on and finish it with either neon pom-poms or fringe.

My super stylish friend Michele (Yarn Aloud) has laid down a 2019 challenge to work through WIPs and stash yarn at a rate of 2 projects a month, I’ve signed up to that and I’m starting early with this. My aim is to avoid buying more yarn next year (but… Unravel….) and user up as much as poss so I can move on to buying from only no- kill flocks.

Also in this pic is my much loved green sheepy pyramid bag from I Knit (former home of my Hermione socks) which this scarf is going to live in and the next book I’m going to read which I think I’m going to live because I read his Wimbledon Poisoner book and loved that.

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