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I think I’m falling out of love with knitting shawls. I’ve knitted quite a few and have two on the go now and have about a dozen in waiting.  They’re fantastic projects, great for showing off lovely hand dyed and hand spun yarns and are fun to knit, but still, how many shawls can you ever need? Or give away?

Does anyone knit garments any more? Lets not include socks, though I love knitting those too but I’ve got a bit of a sock-saturation problem too.

My main problem with shawls is the shape,  I just don’t think the variations on a triangle are flattering, I much prefer a capelet or a good honest scarf and I find if I knit a proper shawl I just don’t wear it.  I’m craving a sleeve, a nice wide sleeve that I pull over whatever I’m wearing for a bit of extra warmth sort of kimono style.  I think I’ll have to design my own shawl/cardigans.

I’m so tempted to unpick the one I’ve been knitting all day today but I’ve knitted to the point where I have 400+ sts so that’s a lot of knitting to turn my back on.  Arrrgh I don’t know what to do!!! Oh knickers to it, I think some of my increases are a bit wonky anyway.  WIN_20160316_13_28_45_Pro

2 thoughts on “Shawlache

  1. You should try Laylocks shawl shapes cheat sheets

    The first one goes through the basics of a square shawl, a circular shawl, a triangular shawl, a swirl-shaped shawl, and a hexagonal shawl.

    The second one goes through the basics of a square shawl (it’s a different square), a circular shawl (again- different circle), a triangular shawl (this one looks more equilateral, rather than isosceles), a semi-circular shawl, and a heart-shaped shawl.

    If anything- it will give you more versatility in shawl types.


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