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Today I’m Making… No sewing blanket

I like knitted patchwork lap blankets a lot, they are really nice to make and are great for using up all your odds and ends but good grief the sewing up is hellish.  Even if you crochet the squares together there are an awful lot of ends to deal with and if you get the tension wrong on one square you get puffs and dips and then you’re never happy with it.

Like most knitters I have a few stitch directory books and a couple specifically for making blanket squares. I really liked this method of decreasing down the middle to create a square, then I realised you could very easily pick up the stitches for the next square along the edge of the last one.  Voila, no sewing apart from losing the ends and if you’re better than me at knitting them in as you go you wouldn’t need to do any sewing at all.


This blanket is going to take me months if not years to finish because I’m doing it all in white and grey and I’m using scraps of grey rather than buying a whole ball of one shade so that there is some change of tone rather than colour.

I’m adding the squares randomly and I’m in no rush to finish it but so far it’s this big:

Which is not quite long enough for my legs which means it probably needs to be about half as long again really.  I say long, I haven’t decided yet which way is up.

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