Today I’m Making… red hair snoods

Yesterday I was knitting a purple sparkly Gin Poodle that I intended to finish off today but when I switched on my phone this morning I got the magic ‘cha’ching’ from Etsy that is the fantastic alert sound that you’ve sold something!  I love that sound.

So, I’ve sold one of these bright red hair snoods which is fantastic because I like making these (I make everything to order) the red is so cheerful. The first thing to do is go ferreting about in my main yarn store for red.

wpid-20150517_135520.jpgThis gives you an idea of how the love of snoods have taken over my home. This is only my main store, I have a big trunk, some boxes in the loft and a load more dotted about here and there. I know I’ve got some red but I know I don’t have an awful lot.  Turns out I’ve only got about enough to make three snoods. So that’s OK, I’ve sold one and I can order some more yarn any time I like but then – cha ching! I’ve sold another one exactly the same.  So now I’m forced to go shopping for more red yarn. Poor me.

wpid-20150517_132153.jpgThis is all I have left, Not much is it? To put it in perspective here it is again next to a nearly full cone. wpid-20150517_132211.jpg

Yesterday I went to the excellent I Knit Fandango yarn fair in London, run by the excellent I Knit London shop at Waterloo. I had a fantastic time and bought some yarn but of course, I didn’t buy any red.

I think I’ve got enough to do another two snoods, so that’s the one other one that I’ve sold today and one more.  I’m going to order some more red today so if the final one sells before it arrives red snoods will go out of stock for a while but hopefully will be back in stock by the end of the week.

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