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Today I’m Making – 10 stitch blanket by Frankie Brown

Today I’m trying to make a bit of progress with this knitted blanket I started god knows how long ago. Its a fantastic free pattern by someone called Frankie Brown that I found online somehow or other. There’s a link to it at the bottom.


So, this will never end up in my Etsy shop but its basically a blanket you knit round and round working out from the middle that makes a huge square.  It uses short row shaping for the corners like you might have used for turning a sock heel or some such.  Then you knit straight and pick up a stitch from the edge of one of the previous rounds as you go so there’s no sewing up to do. I’m really off sewing up.


The yarn is another vintage one that I picked up at a stash sale at my local knitting group.  I was using this to make leaf bunting but then got sick of it and decided to use it to make this blanket instead, I think its more of a 3 ply than anything, bit too thin to make snoods with which is a shame because its gorgeous.

I’ve lost track of which is the right side but I don’t really care.

wpid-20150215_163453.jpg That there is my favourite handbag and a bag full of neglected knitting projects, none of which are from the huge book I bought from Sarah Crawford herself at Unravel last year that came in that bag.

If you fancy having a go at doing it yourself the pattern is online here: I’ve copied out the corner bit into my Pink Book of patterns and ideas because I’m sick of the screen on my phone timing out when I’m in the middle of it. 

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