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Tesco Own Brand Maximum Hold Hairspray

To keep it short and sweet this hairspray is simply the best I’ve found.  At only 74p a can, and its a pretty big can, you wouldn’t expect much from it but if you’re a vintage loving girl this is the stuff for you. I have fine mid-length hair and this will hold a beehive constructed out of nothing much all day long, even if its a damp windy day. Great for taming fly-aways too.


3 thoughts on “Tesco Own Brand Maximum Hold Hairspray

  1. Tesco have recently changed the supplier of this hairspray, the one in the pic is fantastic stuff, the new design can from new supplier is not worth using, wouldn’t hold my mid length hair for 4 hours let alone 24 as it states on the can!!!!! Very disappointed with tesco for doing this.


    1. Oh no! That would be a disaster, thankfully last time I bought it I really stocked up so I still have a nearly full can left. It was the best hairspray I ever found!


  2. Since my last comment, I have tried just about every value priced hairspray on the market, and the only one that comes close to this is sainsburys maximum hold its about the same price, still not as good as that old tesco one though, if anyone else has found a cheap hairspray that’s holds for hours please let me know, I refuse to buy the expensive ones


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