Work in Progress – how much is too much?

If you are a crafter I am pretty confident we have one big thing in common, even if we do entirely different crafts – I bet you have several projects on the go at once.

This is not a bad thing, not always, but there must be a tipping point where you have so many projects on the go that you never finish anything. I think I’m at that stage, I’ve just had a rough count up and I think I have around about 27 projects waiting to be finished.  Some of them are things I really want to finish but I’m not in the mood for, some things I’ve got bored with or aren’t working out as well I imagined they would. Some of those will be unpicked and ditched but some of them just need a bit of rework but those are the hardest ones to deal with. Once a project has started going off key its really hard to keep my interest in it.

The problem is I’m always thinking of something new to start and then I’m full of enthusiasm for that for a day or so… Obviously work gets in the way of really concentrating on fiddle-faddling about but I’d rather have a job than an empty project basket and bailiffs at the door.

For a while I decided I’d just concentrate on one project at at time to get on top of things and frankly to stop my home looking so messy but in the end I just couldn’t do it. I just wasn’t in the mood to knit a 1930’s cardigan for weeks on end and now I haven’t touched that poor cardi in weeks.

So what to do? Am I stressing over nothing or do you think its better to finish something off properly before starting on something new? Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but I do worry that it looks messy here with all my half finished projects and maybe not finishing things is holding me back, because the second attempt is always better than the first and if you never finish the first…

Then again the longer that something hangs around unfinished the less appealing it becomes.

Anyway thats killed 20 minutes when I should have been working on my lap blanket.

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