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Today I’m Making – reuseable cotton make-up remover pads

I cannot remember who directed me to it but an absolute age ago I found this blog giving a pattern to make your own  make-up remover pads by What You Sow. See below for a link to the pattern.  Its a rainy old Easter Sunday so not much to do here but housework and crochet while the Mister gently snoozes in front of Touring Cars on the telly.

I’ve made a few of these for personal use now and they come out really well in the wash, I made them all in white cotton but one of them has gradually gone a nice pale blue in the wash.  I love them, cotton pads are so wasteful, you have to use them to take off nail varnish but there isn’t really any need to use them for your make up when you can have these little fellers.

20140420_115332 20140420_115221[1]I use them to take off all types of make-up, they’re great for taking off eye make up as well as for foundation. I use them with toner too and I can’t say I’ve had any problems with them, they’re not rough on your skin but it is a different feel to cotton wool pads, these are much chunkier and they have the advantage of not shedding fluff all over the place.

I am also a big fan of the Dettol anti-bacterial additive that you put in the washing machine (£4.60 from Waitrose) if you’re worried about them festering bugs and bacterial this stuff will sort it out – its also fantastic to use on sportswear because it stops it getting whiffy as it ages.

If you don’t crochet you can buy ready made cotton pads from her here:

She’s on Etsy too, you get five for £9.95 and she does nice muted colours too.



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