Charity shop vintage bargains

I bought four lovely things in the charity shop today.  First I found these lovely coral toggle buttons, I find old buttons very hard to resist.


Then I found this giant single button that reminded me of the original bakelite light switches in the house I grew up in.


No idea what I’m going to use these buttons for but at least they have a home now. 

I always have room for a new brooch.  I wouldn’t like to say this is actually jade but I like the carved jade look of it.


Not a bad little trip to the local shops. I bought a new iron too but its too much to expect anyone else to care about that. 

I nearly forgot to add the knitting pattern!

I’ve seen lots of fine fair isle and there were some gorgeous Icelandic chunky kits at Unravel the other weekend but I haven’t seen much in DK so I was chuffed to find a good vintage example. DK is so easy to get hold of and economical.

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