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Today I’m making…The 80s were a disaster scarf

ImageA few years ago I made this mini scarf, because all I want from a scarf is for it to keep my neck and chest warm and I don’t want a scarf to add bulk to my chest. Plus scarves can dominate your outfit and sometimes I want my coat to be the focal point. So this mini scarf has worked out really well for me.  Its just as warm as one you wrap round and around your neck but you don’t feel swamped by it. I swear its just as warm if not warmer because you wear it under your coat so it seals in your body heat better.  

This one was supposed to be just a trial run using up some left over yarn.  I didn’t make any sort of fastening so I keep it in place with one of my vintage brooches.  That is the thing I think I would change about it because that can be a bit of a faff. When you take it off at work the brooch immediately loses itself in the bottom of my handbag and I only ever find it again by pricking my finger on it. 

I’ve been meaning to make another one for ages because this one has some real wool content in it so I find it a bit itchy and it’s felted a bit in the wash. 


So this afternoon I’ve started making one with this yarn I’ve had since the 80’s.  I tried to make a huge Robert Smith jumper as a gift with it and it was a complete hideous disaster all round. I won’t go into details but the whole period was hideous but I liked this yarn enough to keep it for 20-odd years. Its taken that long for me to be able to use it without bringing back cringeworth memories. 

Finally I’ve started using it to make a new shortie scarf.  This version is going to be a bit different. The yarn is acrylic so no irritation and the monochrome colour is going to make it more versatile. 

I’ve made it about a third wider too so that it can sit higher up my neck and poke out of the top of my jacket like a lovely stock type thing. The green one does that too but not quite enough at the nape of my neck.


I’m going to put in a buttonhole too and sew on a big chunky button to fasten it rather than use a fiddly brooch.  The yarn is so textured I don’t think it needs any sort of fancy stitch, I’m just knitting it in plain garter stitch so it should be finished in no time and will be an easy commuting project.  

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