Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish


I had been dying to try this, because so many people rave on about it, so when a friend gave me a trial size along with a mini muslin cloth I was delighted. 

On the whole I agree with the rave reviews.  The smell of eucalyptus and rosemary is gorgeous and the texture is rich and creamy without being heavy. 

It took all my make-up off without any fuss including waterproof Mally mascara and and it didn’t make my eyes sting.  It left my skin looking really good too.

After a while I found it didn’t work quite as well but I believe that was partly down to the muslin cloth getting a bit tired but also that my skin improved over the time that I used it so you don’t notice a transformation every morning and evening once that happens.

I’d definitely buy it again,  I’d like to see how it works with my Tresonic face brush.


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