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Today I’m Making – herringbone stitch necklace

I’ve always reallty liked beaded tubes,  the reason I joined a beading workshop a couple of years ago was in the hope of being taught how to make a spiral but it never happened so I gave up the workshops and have been teaching myself.  It works better for me,  I am a lousy student – I get irritated with the slow pace. 

Today I’ve started making a herringbone stitch necklace or a bracelet if I get bored.


So far it looks like a tampon. It will improve.  Herringbone is a lovely stitch, its nice and neat and quick to do, the tube it produces has a lovely slinkiness.

I’m using one of those cheapo packs of 11s you impulse buy in bulk from Totally Beads at craft shows and then realise are all uneven sizes. They’re fine for this sort of thing though and their colour range is fantastic. 


100g for 1.50 so you can’t be disappointed.  These white ones have a subtle pearly sheen that hasn’t come put well in the pic. It’s going to be gorgeous when its done.

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