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Clinique High Impact lipstick – No. 17 Rosette

downloadThis lipstick came as part of a Bonus Time set so I can’t tell you how much it would cost but I’d imagine it would be around £20.

Just so we’re clear from the start, for me its not worth the effort of looking up the price because I everwon’t be buying it.  I’m not a fan of Clinique lip colours, I’ve also been disappointed with a lip gloss in the past and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried the lipstick before and not got on with it.

The colour is not one I would have chosen  – its too dark and brownish for my colouring so its ageing on me but its the texture I really don’t like. It has an odd grainy feel as if your lips are in dire need of exfoliating.  I find myself pressing my lips together all the time when I wear it trying to smooth out the texture so the colour doesn’t last very on me either.

The packaging is hideous too. I’ll give this 0/10. Seems harsh but I really don’t like anything about it, this lipstick will be in the bin before this post has finished uploading.



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