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Today I’m making… 1940s style hair snoods

I sell these in my Etsy shop  I try to keep some in stock but more often than not I end up making them to order, the thing is I make them in so many colours that just by the law of averages whenever someone buys one it’s going to be in a colour or size that I don’t have ready and waiting.  This is not a problem I can make them pretty quickly and I like doing them.


Today I have sold a cornflower blue one and a black one, both of them will be off to New Zealand on Monday.

SAM_1667  SAM_1667

If you don’t know what a snood is, it’s not always a big floppy scarf, these are the type you wear on your head – here are some vintage pictures of women wearing them. This is my favourite version, I make them with ribbon or elastic. There are other types available but personally I’m not keen on a lot of the other styles.

nice snoodCrochet-snoodsnood sketch

If you Google ‘vintage snood’ you’ll find loads of pictures of vintage loving women wearing all types of snoods and looking frankly amazing. Try accessorising one with a big flower, they’re perfect for bad hair days. If you need a hand working out how to wear it have a look at this excellent guide, unfortunately she’s not wearing one of mine but you can’t have everything…

One thought on “Today I’m making… 1940s style hair snoods

  1. Hi Tanis!

    Thanks so much for linking back to me! Haha, I am in need of some different colored snoods. I’ll have to take another look at your shop!



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