Knitted chain link scarf

SAM_1548Have a look at this, its an experimental chain link scarf. If I’m honest its not my own original idea, I saw someone selling kits at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace but I’d spent so much money already I couldn’t afford to buy one. It stayed in my mind though and here’s my attempt to replicate it.

The one in the kit was done using DPNs so I tried that for a bit but it was far too fiddly and time-consuming. It did give a great result though.


SAM_1549Now I’m just knitting strips and sewing them together but I don’t like the seams, its just not the effect I want. I’ve nearly finished this one now, and to be honest I’m also not convinced that using more than one colour is a good idea either.

For the next version I’m going to try crochet links, that should solve the ugly seam problem and I’ll be able to make lovely fat tubes rather than curls. I think I’ve nearly finished this one so I’ll see how it ends up before deciding whether its good enough to sell. I’d like to see how it gets on in a washing machine first really.  I do really like it, when I’ve mastered the technique I’m going to make one in a single colour, or a graduated colour yarn… I really hope the crochet version is the answer because that would make it a fantastic train project.

SAM_1552 SAM_1551

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