Toiletry reviews

L’Oreal Collagen Replumper – day and night creams


I bought these when they were on some sort of mega deal special offer at Sainsbury’s in the summer. I love them, but of course now I’ve decided I love them I’ve never seen them since. Has L’Oreal stopped making them? 

Honestly they do what they promise, your fine lines will look diminished and your skin will look plumper in a youthful way not a bloated greasy way. The texture and smell of them is absolutely lovely, especially the night cream which has a gorgeously thick texture but sinks into your skin without leaving a residue on your skin (or your pillow).  

The glass pots are a generous size and are really attractive, especially the night cream which is a lovely Moroccan blue shade, the daycream is more of a lavander colour, they certainly not a pot you’d need to hide away in the bathroom cabinet.

If I see these two little beauties again I’m definitely going to buy them. Nothing else I’ve used   in the last year has come close, apart from maybe the Superdrug Teatree moisturiser which was a surprise superstar when I tried it. 

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