make-up reviews

Mally Liquid Lipcolour

This lip-gloss is only sold in the UK on QVC, the tv shopping channel. Mally co-presents the shows and is a bit of a whirlwind. I love her, she's full of tips and is really funny. I'd recommend watching her if you get the chance even if you don't want to buy anything.

I got this as part of a five piece set so I'm not sure how much it is to buy singly, I'm guessing about 10 pounds. I have had it a while and used it quite a lot so there isn't a lot left in the pictures below. The colour is fantastic, especially if you have very pale skin because its a bluey pink it doesn't clash with any redness. The gloss does have sparkly stuff in but its not too much, you won't look like you're wearing a teen brand. The coverage is great, the consistency is more like a paste than a liquid, you twist the barrel to feed the colour into the brush so there's no mess or wastage. The clicks are really loud so not so subtle for on the run touch ups.

I might not buy this again because it has poor staying power, I find I'm reapplying all day but I love the colour so it's a tough choice.

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