Customer photo

Most of my snoods are elasticated around the outer edge but every now and then I make one in the most traditional way – ie with a ribbon threaded around the outside edge that you tie up in a bow on the top of your head. 

This type are all one-offs because I have quite a lot of 1980s ribbon already cut in half metre lengths that I've had stored for years and there is not often more than one of each type. The thicker ribbons I use for collars for my Gin Poodles.

So a while ago I made a light-mid grey snood with a thin emerald green ribbon and listed it in my Etsy and Folksy shops. There it sat quite lonely until 'Puffincat' came along and bought it. Now, don't repeat this too loudly but Americans are my favourite customers. They send you such nice messages and leave amazing feedback.  Also there is just something quite exciting about thinking about my little snoods travelling all the way to America, I'd say most of mine end up there, and it does give me a bit of a thrill to imagine them being worn so far away and… perhaps this is just making me sound a bit gushy and odd.  What is extra special about this sale is that Puffincat sent me a picture of herself wearing the snood and gave me permission to publish it on my blog. So here she is in all her snoody glory. She looks great in it doesn't she? I love that green top she's wearing too, it looks really soft and drapes very nicely.

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