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I have to be honest, I look hideous without makeup. So bad on fact that the only times I’ve tried the natural look I’ve actually had abuse shouted at me in the street and my own mother thought I had become a heroin addict on the space of one week.

So when I go on holiday makeup is a problem, we all know waterproof mascara is a lie but its a lie I’ve fallen for over and over again. This year I decided to give extensions a go. I’ve got quite short, fine sumptuous lashes so the effect on me is not the best possible but here is the photographic evidence.

First here I am normally with makeup.Now here is the horror of no makeup…Now we have the magic of lash extensions by Lisa of Farnham.

I loved them, a week of swimming in the sea did them no harm at all. At the moment I can’t afford the upkeep but I intend to have them redone when I’ve finished my driving lessons. They lasted a good six weeks.

The cost? 85 for a full set of 100 lashes which takes nearly two hours, then its 35 every two to three weeks to top up regrowth.

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